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McAlister's Deli Midtown Mobil

Sandwiches, Salads, Baked Potatoes, Soups, and thier famous Sweet tea!

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1200 Satchel Paige Dr

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(251) 478 -1011

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10:30AM - 8:45PM
10:30AM - 8:45PM
10:30AM - 8:45PM
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10:30AM - 9:45PM
10:30AM - 8:45PM
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Fresh Salads

Art is in the eye of the beholder, or the taste buds. We use fresh vegetables, meats and cheeses to design craveable salads that taste even better than they look.

Fresh Favorites

Savory & Spicy

Big & Bold

Club Sandwiches

The McAlister's Club


We start with smoked turkey and Black Forest ham. Then we stack bacon, sharp cheddar, Swiss, spring mix, tomatoes, McAlister's Honey Mustard and mayo on our sliced wheat bread. Then, we serve it with a knowing smile.

McAlister's Club Wrap


Cut the carbs without cutting the taste.Get our famous McAlisters Club with smoked turkey, Black Forest ham and everything on it except the bread. Wrap it up in a wheat wrap instead.

King Club


Can you handle the size?Our King Club takes our signature McAlisters Club and doubles the meat, cheese, vegetables, mayo and the flavor. We put all that on Country White bread and serve it up fresh. Its a bit of a challenge, but its so worth it. Lets see if your appetite has what it takes.

Grilled Chicken Club


Whyd the chicken get seasoned and grilled?To be topped with bacon, cheddar, Swiss, spring mix, tomatoes, mayoand McAlisters own Honey Mustard. Its a party between three pieces of sliced wheat bread.

Orange Cranberry Club


Want a sweet kick to your club?We take all the turkey, ham and toppings of a McAlisters classic club and then replace our creamy honey mustard sauce with an orange cranberry sauce thats perfect for more than just the holidays.

Black Angus Club


This is the type of sandwich you tell all your friends about.Its Black Angus roast beef, bacon, sharp cheddar, Swiss, red onions, spring mix, tomatoes, horseradish sauce and mayo on sliced wheat. Its the ultimate club for carnivores.

Craveable Classics

Giant Spuds

The bigger the potato the more we can fit in them. Made from the nation's finest Idaho Russet potatoes, our Spuds bake beautifully and are light and fluffy, stuffed to the max with an assortment diced meats, melty cheeses, and fresh garnishes.

Just for Kids

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Choose Two

Half of any sandwich, wrap or panini

Or cup of chili or soup

Or half of any spud

Or half of any salad

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We are Open10 AM-10 PM
Every Day

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