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Red Bowl Asian Talladega

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111 Stephen J White Memorial Blvd

Phone Number

(256) 268 -8608

Delivery Hours

11:00AM - 7:15PM
11:00AM - 7:15PM
11:00AM - 7:15PM
11:00AM - 7:15PM
11:00AM - 8:00PM
11:00AM - 8:00PM
11:00AM - 7:00PM
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Soups & Salads


11:00 am-2:30PM

Lunch Hibachi Entrees

Monday-Sunday 12:30AM - 4:00AM. Served with Fried Rice & Mixed Vegetables

Lo Mein

Fried Rice

Hibachi Dinner

Served with Fried Rice & Mixed Vegetables Included: (Onion Soup & Salad Dine in only)

Hibachi Combination

Served with Fried Rice & Mixed Vegetables Included: (Onion Soup & Salad Dine in only)

Bento Box Specials

Served with Salad, Spring Roll & Soup, 2 Dumplings & Fried Rice

Sushi Sashimi A La Carte

Sushi & Sashimi Dinner Combination

Special Rolls

1. Spider Roll


Fried soft crab, masago, cuucmber inside w. eel sauce on the top

2. Super Crunchy Roll


Crunchy shrimp, spicy snow crab wrapped w. pink soy paper w. spicy cream sauce

3. Dragon Fly


Shrimp crunchy, snow crab, avocado inside wrapped w. green soy paper w. spicy mayo eel sauce

4. Pink Lady Roll


Shrimp, spicy snow crab, avocado, crab stick w. pink soy paper

5. Spicy Girl


Spicy tuna & tempura crunch w. spicy salmon tempura crunch on top

6. Rainbow Roll


Crab stick, avocado, cucumber w. variety of fish outside

7. Yummy Roll


Deep fried variety fish, cream cheese, avocado, masago w. spicy sauce & eel sauce

8. Volcano Roll


Crab stick, cucumber, avocado topped w. spicy snow crab, tempura crunch in special sauce

9. Summer Roll


Shrimp tempura, snow crab, cucumber inside, avocado on top

10. Lion King (8 pcs)


Shrimp tempura, eel & cream cheese inside, avocado outside w. masago

11. Orange Beach Roll


Tuna, salmon, white fish, crab stick, avocado, cucumber wrapped

12. Snow Crab Naruto


Snow crab, avocado, tobiko wrapped in cucumber

13. Green Dragon Roll


Avocado, cucumber inside, topped w. eel avocado & masago

14. Super Fried Roll


Spicy tuna, snow crab, avocado deep fried w. Chef's special sauce

15. Rock "N" Roll


Tempura, tuna, salmon, crab meat, cream cheese wrapped

16. Singing River Roll


Shrimp tempura, avocado, cream cheese inside, spicy snow crab on the top

17. Fire in the Bayou


Spicy snow crab, spicy crawfish, cream cheese deep fried in chef's special sauce

18. Rocky Shrimp Roll


Shrimp tempura, cucumber, snow crab topped w. shrimp, avocado, black tobiko in chef;s special sauce

19. Tiger Roll


Shrimp tempura, avocado topped w. spicy tuna in special sauce

20. Alexander Roll


Lobster, cucumber, avocado inside, snow crab & masago on top in chef's special sauce

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Lunch Hours

We are Open10 AM-10 PM
Every Day

Dinner Hours


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